Corporate events

Threesixty Elements will take part in the Blockchain Summit on 17th October 2017 in Amsterdam organized by the UNICOM Seminars. Attending this conference enables to get significant information about blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Threesixty Elements S.A. is going to present Raison – a specific AI Investment Platform, which allows clients to combine all finances in one place and effectively dispose of them.

The Blockchain Summit covers areas like integration of smart contracts into the products and systems, how to make transactions and transfers safer and faster and how to find solutions to specific government challenges. At the Summit the following topics are also going to be discussed: sensors and mobile blockchain technologies, blockchain network scaling, the use of blockchain technologies for compliance, the Industry consortiums’ impact on legal services etc.
Element Blockchain Mining and Research Investment was invited to be a resident of The Crypto Valley Association, one of the most promising organizations in the field of supporting blockchain and cryptographic technologies in the world. We are very proud of participation in the global efforts fostering blockchain and cryptographic innovation in the framework of this cooperation.

The Fund gets an opportunity to act on a robust platform for innovative growth due to an open mindset of local stakeholders (government, education, tax authorities, venture capital, etc.) Crypto Valley is uniquely positioned to make the most of the matchless business environment and decentralized political system of Switzerland.

The Crypto Valley Association is an independent, government-supported association established by such founding members as Bitcoin Suisse, Bussmann Advisory, iprotus, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Luxoft, Monetas, and Thomson Reuters. The Association supports startups and established enterprises through policy recommendations, projects across verticals, initiating and enabling research, organizes conferences, hackathons, and other industry events.
The period of the initial subscription for the Element Blockchain Mining and Research Investment ended on July 31, 2017. Implementation of the strategy starts on August 1, 2017.

The Fund invests up to 80% of cash in equipment that provides processing of blockchain-networks. 20% of cash is invested in regulated funds with actively managed strategies on the crypto-currency market. 

From October 1, 2017, the fund begins to pay out quarterly dividends to which 50% of all fees from maintaining blockchain-networks are sent. The second part of the rewards is aimed at expanding the capacities and developing the processing system, which will increase fund’s capitalization and yields.

You can find the dynamics of the fund's indicators and information on the page of the fund, as well as in your personal area.

To clarify any information related to the fund’s activities, please contact your personal manager.
Dear customers and partners. 

We are happy to announce that our Moscow representative office have moved to a new location - new address is 57 Dubininskaya street, Building 9, Moscow.
According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Threesixty Elements S.A. investment adviser registration is currently effective and was effective at or before that time. As we meet these criteria we are required to file an annual updating amendment to Form ADV.

Such annual updating amendment was filed by Threesixty Elements S.A. on 1 March 2017. You can view the latest ADV form file from the US SEC IAPD. In addition to the amendment of ADV Form we updated the Part 2A Firm Brochure which is available on our website or on US SEC IAPD.
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