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Due to the change in the nomination of the fund's shares in EUR and the name of RAM Data Technologies Investment (formerly Element Blockchain Mining and Research Investment), it is necessary to apply an additional reconciliation of the assets that provide the operating activities of the fund, as well as the reconciliation of balances, which will affect the transfer calculation of the net asset value until August 10 inclusively. The calculation will reflect the value of assets on the last business day.
Threesixty Elements S.A. joined the discussion of the future of the digital economy in the framework of the plenary session «Digital cooperation» on June 7, in Innopolis, Kazan. Director of corporate strategies of the company Aleksandr Zaitsev spoke about the projects that need to use ICO. Among other things, the influence of the "big-date" technology on the everyday life of people was discussed.
Dear Clients!

Due to the process of updating our company's software, calculation of the value of shares of the funds for December 2017 has been rescheduled, to be submitted shortly. We would like to mention that all our current activities are aimed at improving the service of our company and are carried out in the interests of our customers.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused!
Dear customers and partners! We heartily congratulate you on Christmas and New Year’s holidays! We wish your dreams would come true and financial goals would be achieved in the upcoming year.

The past year was full of positive events: an increased interest towards blockchain technologies, the launch of Mining.VG Private Equity Fund, the creation of a unique and promising AI-based project RAISON, specializing in operations with investments and personal finance. Also, sales of structured products increased significantly. We’re planning to broaden the borders of our business next year. Among the main tasks — regulated investment company in Europe, regulated financial institution operating with crypto-currencies and implementation of Artificial Intelligence systems into investment processes.

Due to the New Year’s holidays’ information on the net asset value of funds and the share price will be published as soon as we can get it from our partners such as banks, brokers and custodians. Depending on the type of assets in fund structure, such information may be submitted not earlier than January 3, 2018 and not later than January 10, 2018. The value of assets will be shown at the end of the billing period in accordance with the terms of investment memorandum (usually the end of the last working day of 2017). We are also glad to announce that the first dividends will be sent to the BMRI owners.
Threesixty Elements S.A. in cooperation with Netbox has announced the launch of RAISON, an AI-based mobile platform designed to handle investments and personal finance. The project is currently under development and we start the 1st stage of crowfunding campaign with offering convertible notes issued by our relative company RSN Finance OU. The campaign is currently running via ICO on (token ticker – RSN).

RAISON’s unique proposal for its users is a number of integrated services:

• Synchronization of all the users’ accounts in one app;
• Development of a personal investment portfolio of cryptocurrencies, fiat money, shares, bonds and funds;
• Introduction of personal recommendations for financial decisions making based on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

A maximum of 200 000 tokens are offered starting from December 7, 2017 till December 21, 2017. RSN token price is nominated in EUR and equals to 10 EUR/token.
RSN tokens are available for purchase in both the cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

Each RSN as a convertible gives its holder the right to:

• 25% of underlying RAISON-generated revenue.
• Guaranteed note redemption starting from January 2020: The price is calculated by the following formula — number of RAISON users * 500 EUR * 0.25 / total number of tokens, but not less than 11 EUR per token.

In Q1 2018, we plan to provide investors and the market with a prototype application.

“The company's own funds are currently being used to finance the project development. Fundraising through the ICO will make it possible to develop platform’s functionality much faster, as well as obtain all the necessary licenses for the product to enter the mass market, primarily the Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license and the investment activity license under the EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)”.

For reference:

RAISON is an AI-based platform designed to handle investments and personal finance. The RAISON platform is being developed by the joint team of Threesixty Elements S.A. professionals in capital management services under the regulation of the Securities and Exchange Commission (US), “Intelligent Information Systems” (IIS), innovative enterprise, the resident of the ITMO Research University, successfully implementing machine learning and AI-integrated systems, AKIL.IO in particular, as well as NetBox, a company responsible for the product and technology development.

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